Wing Chun Training Card


Free Shipping

We are now offering free shipping on all 10 class Training Cards. Order yours now and save!

A Flexible Training Option

Our 5 and 10 class Training Cards are a flexible and convenient alternative to our standard Wing Chun Training Plans.

These Training Cards will allow you to attend classes when it suits you. There are no additional membership or insurance fees, and you are covered for insurance for each class that you attend on your Training Card.

You can also use these Training Cards to attend additional classes on top of your existing Wing Chun Training Plan.

Simply present your Training Card at the start of your class and one of our trainers will mark your attendance on the card and in our records.

Your Training Card will apply to the location that you choose at the time of purchase. This location cannot be changed once the Training Card has been issued.

Buying a Training Card for Yourself?

If you're buying a Training Card for yourself, please let us know whether you're a 'New' or 'Existing' student in the drop-down menu above.

If you're a new student, we'll send you a Student Agreement Form with your Training Card which you'll need to complete and sign before your first class. Please be sure to specify your name in the 'Recipient Name' box above, as we'll write this name on your card.

If you're an existing student, please let us know what your barcode is (displayed on your student card as 'S#####') so we can associate your Training Card with the correct account on our system.

Buying a Training Card for a Friend?

These Training Cards are all you need to get started with your Wing Chun training at the Academy, so they make a great present for a friend or family member who's interested in fitness, self defence or martial arts.

Make sure you select 'New' student from the drop-down menu above and specify your friend or family member's name in the 'Recipient Name' box above. We'll include a consent form with the Training Card which they'll need to complete and sign before their first class.

Combined Postage

If you order more than one Training Card to be sent to the same address within a 1-hour time frame, we will refund you the postage paid for each additional Training Card.

We can post up to 5 Training Cards in the one Express Post envelope.

Validity and Conditions

5 class Training Cards expire 3 months after your first class or 12 months after the date of issue, whichever date comes first.
10 class Training Cards expire 6 months after your first class or 12 months after the date of issue, whichever date comes first.

Your Training Card will allow you to train at one location nominated by you at the time of purchase and is not transferable to other locations. For a full list of our locations, visit

Training Plans

Get even better value with our Wing Chun Training Plans. Convenient fortnightly direct debit to your bank account. Available in 3, 6 and 12-month options with the ability to train at more than one location. Click here to enrol online.