Baoding Metal Health Balls

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Baoding Metal Health Balls are believe to improve strength, dexterity and stimulate various acupressure points on the hand.

From the manual:

"Baoding Iron Ball, famed as one of the 'three treasures' of Baoding, China, is a traditional product renowned at home and abroad. The production of Baoding Iron Ball dates back t othe Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) and it has been ... made meticulously by Baoding handiscraftsmen through the ages.
Originally, the Baoding Iron Ball was a solid ball and afterwards it [was] designed hollow with a sounding plate in it. Of a pair of balls, one sounds high and one low. It is a treasure necessary for the aged to build up physical strength ..."

The Baoding Metal Health Balls come in a protective fabric case. The appearance and colour of the fabric case may differ from the one shown in the photo above.

Please note that this item no longer ships with a manual.