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Gain a wealth of knowledge on the Wing Chun system through Grandmaster Jim Fung's Book Package, featuring his acclaimed Wing Chun Kung Fu Book, Wing Chun Weapons Book and 30th Anniversary Journal - worth $62!

Wing Chun Kung Fu Book (RRP $25)

This comprehensive and clearly presented book outlines the history, theory and practical applications of the uniquely effective Wing Chun system. The author, Grandmaster Jim Fung, is internationally regarded as one of the top Wing Chun exponents in the world.

Included in the book are sections on the Wing Chun principles, practical self-defence for men and women, sticking hands (chi sau) and a complete outline of the Siu Nim Tau form.

This book was chosen as the textbook for the Hong Kong Ving Tsun Athletic Association, established by the legendary Yip Man.

Wing Chun Weapons Book (RRP $25)

This authoritative work is the first complete Wing Chun weapons book, featuring the Wing Chun Butterfly Knives and Pole.

Included is a unique section of interviews with the top Wing Chun masters in Hong Kong, many of whom were Yip Man's original closed-door students. This is the first time they have all participated in any publication.

This weapons book is essential reading for all martial artists, regardless of their style or experience.

Included in the book are preparation exercises, forms, applications and realistic uses of both weapons.

30th Anniversary Journal (RRP $12)

This limited edition 80-page colour journal features an in-depth history of the Academy, biography of Grandmaster Jim Fung and many insightful articles on Wing Chun Kung Fu written by Grandmaster Fung and his senior instructors.

These articles offer a thorough analysis of the biomechanics, physics and scientific principles of the Wing Chun system, and cover areas ranging from 'nim lik' (thought force) to the Wing Chun stance.

It is a valuable resource for any Wing Chun student.

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