Cool Dry T-Shirt


Limited stock remains. If you are looking to purchase a uniform and can't find your size, please consider ordering our Premium Cotton T-Shirt instead.

Stay cool and dry with this premium quality cool-dry training t-shirt, featuring the International Wing Chun Academy's emblem on the front and the Academy's name and Chinese characters for 'Fung's Wing Chun' on the back.

Unisex. Poly-cotton. Snug fit. Proudly made in Australia.

Size Guide

The following chart shows the approximate width and length of the t-shirts, measured in centimetres when laid flat according to the image to the right.

If you are unsure of your size, we recommend taking an existing t-shirt that you own, laying it flat and measuring its width and length. You can then use those measurements to determine which size to order based on the chart below.

Size Width (cm) Length (cm)
3XS 39 51
2XS 41 53
XS 43 56
S 45.5 59
M 48 62
L 51 70
XL 54.5 71
2XL 58 72
3XL 61 74

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