Grading Badge


Proudly display your Wing Chun ranking with our premium embroidered Grading Badges.

These badges are enhanced with an iron-on backing that makes them quick and easy to apply to your Wing Chun t-shirt.*

Our Grade 2 Badge is pictured as an example. Please select your 'type' of badge and we will send you the relevant badge for your Grade or Level.

Eligibility Requirements

You must have earned the relevant Grade or Level ranking through the International Wing Chun Academy or an Affiliated School to be eligible to purchase these badges.

We will manually verify all Grading Badge orders - please ensure that your shipping details (at least name and phone number) match the details that you provided to us on your Student Agreement Form.

Please Double Check Your Order!

Our ranking system starts at Grade 1 and progresses through to Level 6.

To avoid any delays, please ensure that you do not mistakenly order a Level Badge (generally reserved for instructors) instead of a Grade Badge.

How to Apply Your Grading Badge

*We do not recommend ironing your badge to your Cool Dry T-Shirt as it contains polyester that may melt at high temperatures. Please consider sewing your badge to your Cool Dry T-shirt instead.

  1. Set your iron to cotton at approximately 180 degrees celsius. Do not use steam during application.
  2. Thoroughly iron the sleeve of your t-shirt so there are no creases where the badge is to be applied. The badge should sit on the middle of the sleeve and face away from the side of the body.
  3. Carefully place your badge on top of the sleeve and cover it with a thin piece of cloth, like a tea towel or pillow-case.
  4. Press the iron straight down for 30 seconds. Apply as much constant pressure as possible. Do not move the iron back and forth.
  5. Turn the t-shirt inside out and press the iron down for another 20 seconds on the reverse side of the badge.
  6. Allow the badge to cool down. If the edge of the badge can be lifted, repeat the steps above at your discretion.

Grading Badge designs are © International Wing Chun Academy. All rights reserved.

Grandmaster Jim Fung's Wing Chun Kung Fu® is a registered trademark of Siu Sing Pty Ltd trading as the 'International Wing Chun Academy'.

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