Kung Fu Pants


Complete your Wing Chun uniform with these heavy duty kung fu training pants, designed with a moderate gusset for comfortable kicking.

Proudly made in Australia.

Size Guide

The following chart shows the approximate leg length of the pants, measured in centimetres (cm) from the top of the waist to the end of the leg. The pants have an elastic waist and are designed to stretch to fit most waist sizes.

If your waist measurement is large for your height, you should purchase a size or two larger and have the leg length shortened by an alterations specialist.

Adult sizes start from size 150

Size Leg Length (cm)
110 (Children's) 78
120 (Children's) 79
130 (Children's) 83
140 (Children's) 89
150 93
160 97
170 100
180 104
190 108
200 112

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