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"A must-see for anyone interested in this, one of the most popular of the kung fu systems." - From 'Inside Kung Fu' USA, which gave the video a five star rating.

Internationally recognised as one of the top Wing Chun masters, Grandmaster Jim Fung guides you through the Siu Nim Tau form and its self defence applications.

Originally released in 1985, this instructional video provides an excellent introduction to the fundamentals of the Wing Chun system, as well as valuable insight into Wing Chun's more advanced forms. It is highly recommended to students of all experience levels who would like to improve their Wing Chun skills through Grandmaster Fung's instruction.

Remastered for digital rental, this version is an enhancement of the DVD re-release with improved video and audio, making it the definitive version of Grandmaster Fung's award-winning instructional video.

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